I am known as a wordsmith and a messagist.

A wordsmith understands the undeniable power of words, the magic in finding the most effective way of getting a point across.

A messagist knows how to lead words in the delicate dance between presenter and audience – for those words to matter.

My comprehensive understanding of audience diversity, pop culture, political contexts, and media markets has been honed over 25 years with local groups, historic campaigns, and countless projects in between.

Every assignment gets the same high energy from me — be it creative storytelling or a crackerjack strategic plan — from the big picture to finessing of that last bit of text.

I obsess over how words are strung, spun, or sung. I am fascinated by how language can unite and divide, ignite and inspire, and every so often, change a mind. I write, therefore.

My one-stop shop means you get complementary engagement expertise to achieve better results with your audiences, plus expert facilitation for any meetings required.

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“Pam’s wordsmithing skills are second to none. She is able to create the right messages for the right people, consistently and creatively.” – Jester Creative

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