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acting against #ToxicHush
Informed Opinions

To support people experiencing online abuse, I drafted a care/action kit which involved coordinating vetting with expert stakeholders, finalizing content, and helping produce the campaign launch, including engagement/outreach strategies. (2021)

getting the National Action Plan on the road
Women’s Shelters Canada

Culminating a decade of rewarding work with the experts advocating for a National Action Plan on Violence Against Women & Gender-Based Violence, I developed messaging and led the branding, launch, and promotion of a report to guide its implementation. (2021)


Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women

To support the most meaningful uptake of new resources on feminist intersectionality, I crafted and supported the implementation of a comprehensive communications strategy, engagement tools, and measurement tools. (2021)

making meetings engaging & productive
various groups

I am the regular facilitator for meetings of the coalition advocating for a National Action Plan on Violence Against Women & Gender-Based Violence, led by Women’s Shelters Canada, and a coalition of national feminists organizations that collaborates on advocacy and actions. (2020-22)

creating engaging materials

I crafted, revised, and edited materials for the Building Responsible Mineral Supply Chains Project, including formal reports, a Gender Impact Assessment Toolkit, media materials, and blog posts. IMPACT is a globally-recognized NGO working to improve security, development, and equality in a dozen countries through innovative approaches to the management of natural resources. (2020)

sharpening communications & messaging
Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan

It was an honour to help put this important organization on fresh, strategic communications footing as it launched an action plan to address sexual violence in Saskatchewan and reassert its role as an expert & advocate on behalf of member agencies and survivors. (2019)

increasing profile & public support
a union local

After facilitating analysis & planning sessions with its executive, I provided strategic advice to a 800-member union local seeking to increase public awareness & support for its members’ work and its value. I crafted a comprehensive communications strategy, led verbal and visual branding, and helped execute social media, community engagement, media relations, and multimedia storytelling campaigns. (2019-20)

amplifying an urgent call for sponsors
Operation Sponsor Surge

To help this campaign urgently find new sponsors for approved and travel-ready refugees waiting to come to Canada, I joined forces with Siena Consulting to craft a comprehensive strategic communications strategy, including digital & offline engagement, social media, and media relations plans. (2018)

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engaging a new coalition
Regina’s Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

I was invited by United Way Regina – a coordinating member of a community-wide initiative to improve childhood literacy – to ensure a growing circle of interested parties was inclusive and that stakeholders had opportunities for meaningful involvement. After crafting a strategic engagement plan, I am now leading such activities as interviews, surveys, and focus groups. (2018)

helping a municipality better engage residents

While spearheading the development of the City of Regina’s first official Public Engagement Strategy, I led engagement and communications for the Railyard Renewal Project and municipal & school board elections, and consultations on street & park naming guidelines and outdoor smoking, among others. (2015-17)

engaging tools for young women
Think Big Start Small

In collaboration with design studio The Public on this innovative project for YWCA Canada, I conceived of and wrote this popular toolkit & related promotional copy. The online resource is widely used by youth across Canada since its release.

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