Whether on Zoom or in a room, meetings and workshops are only as good as their facilitator. After understanding your objectives and participants, I take the time to plan out the smartest agenda and appropriate techniques to meet your needs.

Effective facilitation for stakeholder engagement leaves participants feeling heard and respected, and supportive of the final decision because process was fair. I bring that commitment to every session.

Keeping things on track is about more than time. As an adept facilitator, I bring:

  • objectivity to allow participants to engage fully
  • specialized skills to manage meeting dynamics, personalities, and conflicts
  • experience in strategic planning, organizational development, and governance
  • anti-oppression framework and commitment to principles and practice of diversity & inclusion
  • warmth and humour to help create a comfortable, open environment
  • the latest skills and techniques (digital and offline)
  • mastery of English and facility in French

Participants experience the same comfort when I moderate panels, deliver trainings, and emcee events.

My one-stop shop means I can offer stakeholder engagement expertise and communication support to make your meeting that much more successful.

Tell me about your upcoming meeting!

“I was impressed with Pam’s approach to facilitation and managing group dynamics during our meeting. Her use of humour, honesty, flexibility as well as diligence to the task at hand was admirable.” – Marlene Bertrand, (formerly of) Manitoba Women’s Advisory Council